29 comments on “Savala Vada/Thula Vada /Mulaku Vada

  1. enikku title kandappo pettenny ee Railway station l kke vilichu parayille..savla vadaiii..savala vadaii nnu..:p..atha orma vanne..:P
    But this is not that one..looks different..perfect shape ..crisp n yum..!! :)

  2. This is my husband’s favourite snack and I used to make freqently years back and Now we stopped eating all oily food..Sherikkum kothi yakunnu..Orannam chayayude koode kittumo :)

  3. Hi,
    I love these vadas and can eat any numbers….:) the pics make me drool! yummm..have never made it home shall give it a try some time soon. Thanks for the recipe.Have a great weekend. God Bless.

  4. appo thondavedana vittu ille dear ? nannayito…ini savala vadayo ethum kazhikkallo ninakku ? take care ketto…aa vada kanditte,drooling ..nalla assal pictures.

  5. this is my favourite snack, in our place it is ullivada… i was not knowing that it has good recipie….
    hw to add if i use baking soda instead of yeast into the mixture?

  6. Hi Priya ..
    If u r using baking powder ,just mix it with the maida ..No need to mix with water like yeast …Hope u will let me knw the result ..
    love veena

  7. Hai veena,
    woh i made this vada …its really really good…everyone should try… this is very simple and tasty….thank u veena once again

  8. Hi Veena,

    The vadas look really tempting. I love the dal, vadas. But these days I am frying only occasionally. So I might try these when my next frying session is in place.

  9. enik e vada kanumpol ormavaruth nammude natile chayakadayile chillekootile chudulla vadayan………it’s really tasty

  10. ente husbandnu vada valare ishtamanu…pakshe enikku uzhunnu kondu cheyyumbo shape varikayey illa….ippo ee recipe kandappol onnu try cheyyamennu thonnunnu….

    innu thanne cheythittu husbandine onnu surprise cheyyattey…

    thanks for posting …photo looks good !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nan try cheythu, pakshe vada entho soft aayi vannilla, kadayil ninnu vangunna pole, aayilla. Nan bsking soda aanu use cheythathu,

  12. Thanks a lot for the recipe . I was craving for this Vada for along time. I have kept my dough aside and is waiting for it to set..
    We also call it “Soda Vada”.:-)

  13. ohh is it ..Great …hope it will come good and u will like it … :) Soda Vada ..hmm sounds interesting .. plz post the result also ;)

  14. It did not come out as intended. I think baking soda will work better than yeast.Planning to try that this week. Will update the result.

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